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Tree Removal and Maintenance in Rochester, NY

Our woody perennials (trees) are a very important part of Our Vista of our homes and commercial properties. With the guidance of a trained professional we can seek to reassure that no problems exist, and if there is, it is our duty to bring that to your attention, and plan accordingly how to resolve. If you’re in need of tree removal, trust the professionals of Weber Tree Inc. We specialize in:
  • Corrective tree pruning 
  • Tree disease diagnosis 
  • Stump grinding 
  • Tree removal 
  • Crane services 
  • Risk Assessment
Our dedicated and experienced team can also maintain and improve the health of your trees and garden. For cost effective tree maintenance in Rochester, NY call today for a free estimate.
We'll find the 'root' of your problem!
Man performing tree removal and maintenance in Rochester, NY

Tree removal and stump grinding

At Weber Tree Inc, we are environmentally conscious and use only the safest methods and techniques for tree removal. Highly skilled and fully trained, our experts can customize a service plan based on the look and feel of your lawn. We can also explain how to recycle the wood chips and stump grindings to enrich the soil for your gardens or apply as mulch for landscapes .
Whatever your needs are, we have the team that will meet and exceed your expectations in Rochester, NY.
Trimming and tree maintenance in Rochester, NY

Trimming and maintenance

Many trees require maintenance, on a yearly or bi-yearly schedule, such as ornamentals, with ornamental pruning, a desired unique appearance is obtained to improve your property.
Large trees are subjected to lower canopy accumulation of deadwood due to lack of light, and corrective pruning adds to a aesthetically pleasing look to our large trees, and in addition reduces risk of falling debris onto lawn areas, house and drive.
Trees have a unique ability to improve a landscape, through a regular maintenance schedule. We can help maintain Health and Vigor.
stump removal is part of tree maintenance in Rochester, NY

Service and quality equipment

When it comes to tree maintenance in Rochester, NY, Weber Tree Inc uses only the finest, most up-to-date equipment in order to maintain our high standards of service.
All removal and trimming projects are performed in a safe and controlled manner, which not only ensures minimal impact on your property and the surrounding area but maximizes the beauty of your lawn.
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